Get Help
You are not alone – many women have been through your pain and have recovered

One in four women is exposed to family violence. One in six women will be victims of rape in their life time. Two out of three cases of abuse against women and children are caused by someone who is familiar to them. You are not alone and there is hope to rebuild your life and to have a happy, fulfilling future.

Helping Hands

Contact us for help if:

  • You have no support from family or friends
  • You are employed or have the potential to be employed
  • You belong to a Christian church or have a longing to get to know God better
  • You have references to confirm that you don’t have a history of manipulation or criminal behaviour
  • You are not substance dependence

Alternatives if you do not meet the above criteria

      Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities and resources to help everyone. However, the points below are alternative routes to take action: Phone any of the emergency helplines
  • Contact social services organisations Badisa or Teahmo.
  • Apply for a protection order at the nearest police station or magistrate’s court
  • Lay a criminal charge at a police station and apply for a protection order 

    A protection order is a legal order to your domestic partner to stop the abuse – anyone can apply for a protection order.
    More information about police support and protection orders