Financial contributions

We solely rely on donations to provide for the women and children in our care
Huis Jabes is a registered non-profit organisation under Article 18(A) and is managed by the SOS Trust. We solely rely on contributions from good-hearted individuals and businesses to continue supporting the women and children seeking refuge from abuse. Because we are a registered NPO, all donations are tax deductible.

Where does your money go to?

  • Monthly operational expenses
    This includes the rent for the house, everything for the daily needs of the women and children (for example food and toiletries) and the services that professionals provide during the rehabilitation and empowerment process.
  • Purchasing an additional house to accommodate more victims
    To meet the increasing need for a safe haven for abused women and children, we want to purchase another property by the end of 2014.

What are the options?

  • A once-off contribution – Banking details below
  • A monthly debit order – Debit Order Form
  • A once-off Credit Card contribution – Donate Now

Our banking details
SOS Trust
ABSA cheque account number: 4070981810
Branch code: 632005
NPO number: 063-721